Porsche SE welcomes suspension of investigations against members of the supervisory board

Public prosecutor confirms opinion of the defense

Stuttgart, 14 August 2015. Porsche Automobil Holding SE, Stuttgart ("Porsche SE"), welcomes the decision by the Stuttgart public prosecutor to suspend the investigations against the 12 members of the supervisory board in office in 2008. The allegation made by the Stuttgart public prosecutor that these persons were responsible for jointly aiding and abetting violation of the prohibition on information-based market manipulation by omission in connection with Porsche SE's acquisition of the shareholding in Volkswagen AG in 2008 has proven to be without merit. By taking this step, the public prosecutor has confirmed the opinion of the defense of the supervisory board members concerned and of Porsche SE.

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, chairman of the Porsche SE supervisory board, commented on the decision of the public prosecutor as follows: "We welcome the public prosecutor's decision and are optimistic that the allegation of market manipulation against the former members of the executive board will also prove to be without merit in the pending main hearing."