Family stands unanimously behind the talks with Qatar

FTD report from June 17 2009 is not in accordance with the facts

Stuttgart, 17 June 2009. The Financial Times Deutschland reported today, under the headline "Qatar's Entry at Porsche Goes Wrong", that Ferdinand Piëch had initially blocked the quick entry of the emirate at
Porsche Automobil Holding SE. This information is incorrect.

We are authorized to release the following statement:

"The family stands unanimously behind the talks with an investor. A family meeting, at which Ferdinand Piëch supposedly prevented a quick entry of Qatar at Porsche (as reported today by the FTD), did not take place.

There is also a family consensus that the demand from Wolfsburg, stating that prior to entry, Qatar must first enter talks with the Volkswagen management and the Volkswagen works council, is completely unfounded. The topic of Qatar is purely a concern of the owners, and it will be dealt with exclusively in Porsche SE.

The FTD article is nothing more than a transparent, destructive action, which we won't allow to distract us from our course."