Annual general meeting of Porsche SE in Stuttgart: Supervisory board members on the capital side stand for reelection

Forecast for the fiscal year 2017 unchanged / dividend of 1.01 euro per preference share proposed

Stuttgart, 30 May 2017. At today's annual general meeting of Porsche Automobil Holding SE(Porsche SE), Stuttgart, the supervisory board members on the capital side are standing for reelection. The individuals involved are: Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lehner, Hon.-Prof. Dr. techn. h.c. Ferdinand K. Piëch, Dr. Hans Michel Piëch, Dr. Ferdinand Oliver Porsche and Hans-Peter Porsche. The supervisory board members on the capital side will be elected once all the supervisory board mandates have come to an end due to the status proceedings initiated with the conclusion of today's annual general meeting. Porsche SE's annual general meeting will adjust the articles of association to bring them in line with the new co-determination agreement.

The annual general meeting is also deciding on the proposed dividend of 1.01 euro per preference share and of 1.004 euro per ordinary share.

The chairman of the executive board Hans Dieter Pötsch said in his speech: "Porsche SE has proven to be a reliable financial holding company and pursues a dividend policy that is geared to sustainability." Based on the current group structure, Porsche SE expects a group profit for the year of between 2.1 billion euro and 3.1 billion euro for the fiscal year 2017, said the chairman of the executive board. He continued: "Furthermore, we aim to achieve positive net liquidity. This is expected to be between 1.0 billion euro and 1.5 billion euro as of 31 December 2017, not taking future investments into account."