Porsche SE

News archive 2008

Porsche not interested in Scania 12/19/2008
Appeal proceedings before the Higher Labour Court about to be deferred 12/16/2008
Osterloh becomes the Chairman of the Board – Hück the Deputy Chairman 12/15/2008
Porsche Achieves New Records in Profit, Turnover and Sales 11/26/2008
Porsche-Group profit clearly up again 11/7/2008
Porsche concludes mandatory offer 10/31/2008
Short Sellers Responsible for Extreme Price Movements in Volkswagen Ordinary Shares 10/29/2008
Porsche heads for domination agreement 10/26/2008
The Porsche and Piëch families have agreed: “We stand united behind all decisions” 10/24/2008
Porsche Achieves new Records in Sales, Production and Turnover 10/1/2008
Porsche welcomes the decision made by the Registration Office in Braunschweig 9/29/2008
Porsche offers only minimum price prescribed by law 9/29/2008
Porsche adheres to applicable legislation 9/19/2008
Porsche increases its VW Stake to 35.14 per cent 9/16/2008
Porsche shows understanding for VW workforce 9/12/2008
Porsche starts exchange into new preferred shares in SE 8/27/2008
Porsche ends legal dispute with the stock exchange amicably 6/13/2008
Porsche SE files action against rejection of its supplementary motion 5/27/2008
Porsche is presenting a valuable Walter Benjamin manuscript to the German Literature Archives in Marbach 5/8/2008
Wolfgang Porsche turns 65 5/6/2008
Judgment in favor of Porsche 4/29/2008
Porsche: VW Articles of Association must be amended completely 4/24/2008
Porsche Rejects Premier Wulff’s Political Initiative 4/17/2008
Judgment of European Court of Justice must be Reflected in the VW Articles of Association 3/14/2008
Porsche denies speculations about increasing its stake in VW to 75 percent 3/10/2008
Porsche Group still going strong 3/4/2008
Dr. Hans Michel Piëch will be a new member of the Executive Committee of Supervisory Board 3/3/2008
Porsche Supervisory Board gives Go-ahead for Majority Stake in VW 3/3/2008
Porsche SE to reorganise Stock Exchange Listing on 3rd March 2/25/2008
Porsche SE makes full use of 10 billion Euro credit line 2/20/2008
Porsche sees no reason to postpone legal proceedings 2/6/2008
No Special Rules for Volkswagen 1/30/2008
Porsche Going Well Despite Difficult Times 1/25/2008
Hück is Chairman of the Works Council of the Porsche Automobil Holding SE 1/21/2008